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Contact us today for information on our mat rental service and dust control products. Olympic Dust Control provides a unique mat rental service that garantees freshly cleaned, top quality floor mats delivered to you on a scheduled basis.

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Dust Mops and Wet Mops

We offer Dust Mop and Sanitized Wet Mop Services to shield your floors by keeping them clean and certifying ultimate dust control. Olympic Dust Control offers three sizes of Commercial Dust Mops and one Heavy Duty Wet Mop.

Only the mop heads need to be changed on a regular basis to guarantee top cleaning efficiency. With Olympic Dust Control’s exchange service you will always have fresh mop heads while reducing waste associated with constantly requiring to purchase new mops.

Our Mops

  • Efficiently removes dirt, dust and water from non-carpeted flooring  
  • Are made of top quality yarn that enlarges during handling so the mops attract more dirt and dust
  • Come with hard-wearing frames and pivot handles for even and thorough maneuverability.
  • Are collected, prepared and distributed by a qualified Olympic Dust Control representative on a repeatedly scheduled basis.